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Minerals Spectrum Survey FZ-LLC

Company offers a technology based on a combination of Earth deep sensing method using radiations of different characteristics and a technology of radiation-chemical processing of space images to visualize anomalies associated with various types of deposits.

The low efficiency of geophysical methods of hydrocarbon prospecting and the high cost of exploratory drilling, especially deep wells require the improvement of prompt remote methods of geological exploration. The integration of various geophysical, unconventional and aerospace methods makes it possible to increase the accuracy of delineating the boundaries deposits up to 40-60%, which improves the efficiency of drilling. However, obtaining by remote means of searching the most important geological properties of reservoir rocks (such as their type and porosity), determining thicknesses of hydrocarbon horizons and areas of anomalies remains a challenging task, which makes it difficult to where to drill, if any.

We propose a method to obtain these characteristics using our unique resonance-testing equipment, which processes information from the satellite images and portable field equipment.

Our field survey exploration technology is based on the microwave radiation generators of gigahertz frequency for resonant excitation of atoms of substances in oil-permeable rocks and metal atoms that are contained in various types of oil or in ores.


With the help of special equipment, a method of identification, contouring and preliminary assessment of identified hydrocarbon accumulations by measuring with remote equipment the depths of hydrocarbon reservoirs, lithology and porosity, has been worked out. Performed studies confirm the possibility of using the developed remote search method to identify the types of hydrocarbons and the reservoir properties before drilling. This ensures an effective selection of locations for exploratory drilling at depths of up to 6,000m. Accuracy achieved to date is up to 80-95%.

Our Mission

We offer a high-tech solution for the search of all types of minerals for companies interested in innovative and effective technologies, valuing efficiency, reliability and focused on reducing the cost of mineral resources production.

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