Application Areas

To date, more than 30 exploration projects of hydrocarbon accumulations, polymetallic ores, underground fresh and geothermal waters in the USA, Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Congo have been completed After lengthy expert audits, geophysicists from various countries have proved high efficiency and timeliness of this new unique exploration method.

Oil & Gas

Experimental and practical prospecting operations carried out with the help of field remote search equipment confirm its high efficiency for remote identification, delineation of hydrocarbon anomalies and remote obtaining of primary geological…more »


Experimental and practical prospecting operations confirm the high effectiveness of the remote identification method, delineation of anomalies of an almost unlimited range of minerals…more »


We have studied the mechanism of natural formation of underground drinking and geothermal waters near the magmatic foci of extinct volcanoes located on the coast of the seas and oceans.more »


Measures for the environmental cleaning of coastal waters from sunken vessels with ammunition and sunken chemical weapons in the seas and oceans.more »