Mineral resources exploration around the globe
Minerals Spectrum Survey FZ-LLC

Innovative geophysical method of direct measurements for solving practical
engineering and geological prospecting problems.
Multi-purpose innovative remote sensing technology.

Who We Are

Minerals Spectrum Survey offers a method based on a combination of remote
method of deep sensing of the Earth using radiation of different characteristics
and radiation-chemical processing of space images to visualize the boundaries
of the contours of anomaly sites.

Our Mission

We offer a high-tech solution for the search of all types of minerals for companies interested in innovative and effective technologies, valuing efficiency, reliability and focused on reducing the cost of mineral resources production.

Application Areas

Experimental and practical prospecting operations carried out with the help of field equipment of remote search confirm its high efficiency for remote identification, delineation of hydrocarbon anomalies and remote receipt of primary geological…
Experimental and practical prospecting operations confirms the high effectiveness of the method for remote identification, delineation of anomalies of an almost unlimited range of minerals…
We have studied the mechanism of natural formation of underground drinking and geothermal waters near the magmatic foci of extinct volcanoes located on the coast of the seas and oceans.

Measures for the environmental cleaning of coastal waters from flooded vessels with ammunition and flooded chemical weapons in the seas and oceans.

Industry Problems

Customer References

Case Studies

Uranium. Mongolia. 2013. Search for uranium ore

Region: Mongolia Lead time: 2 years (2012-2013) Type of mineral: Uranium Objective: Perform studies of a large, licensed area (S= 29,820 km2) in the north-west of... Read More

Diamonds, Congo (DRC), 2011. Preliminary geological and economic assessment

Region: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), The Oriental Province Lead time: 8 months (2011). Type of mineral: diamonds Survey area: 385 km2 Objective: Perform exploration of diamond... Read More

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