Field Survey

At the stage of field survey, mobile equipment performs measurements to determine the following basic characteristics of the occurrence of hydrocarbons in anomalies:

  • contours of effective anomaly areas with reliable deviation +/- 5m
  • depths of occurrence (up to 6,000 m) of hydrocarbon reservoirs at measuring points with reliable deviation +/- 5 m
  • thickness of each oil bearing horizons at measuring points with depth deviations +/- 5 m
  • useful capacities of collectors
  • types of hydrocarbon reservoir rocks and their approximate porosity (from 5% to 20%)
  • gas pressures in gas anomalies and in gas caps of oil anomalies (at each horizon)
  • wells locations are determined on the basis of these data
  • stochastic perspective resources estimation
  • the results of the study can be verified by the customer by comparing them with the seismic data already available or by additional research by traditional exploration methods near the points identified for drilling.